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Commentaries on this Media!

Ideal sex without bodies in Surrogates

by Critical Commons Manager

In Jonathan Mostow's Surrogates, human beings have largely abandoned their physical bodies in favor of remotely controlled physical avatars. In this scene, which is stereotypical of Hollywood's titillating vision of cybersex, a group of android avatars pass around an electrical probe that looks like a bong to deliver shocks that produce an orgasm-like effect for their operator. The party is interrupted briefly when Bruce Willis returns home in his physical human form, reminding everyone of the artificiality of their pleasure.

Group cybersex among android avatars in Surrogates resembles drug use

Electrical stimulation via a bong-like apparatus takes the place of physical sex

from Surrogates (2009)
Creator: Jonathan Mostow
Distributor: Touchstone
Posted by Critical Commons Manager