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Commentaries on this Media!

Interface and displays of the future

by Critical Commons Manager

Ignore the narrative content of this sequence. It is posted here to showcase the way archives of the distant future are imagined in Hollywood today. Pulling out all possible stops, control over video clips from the archive happens through a gestural multi-touch panel that activates floating, oval holographic(?) displays that are also controlled gesturally in space. The circular-ness of both the display screens and control panels can perhaps be traced back to 20th century SAGE air defense systems, which sported circular radar screens controlled by huge IBM mainframe computers. The hardware driving this particular archive and its contents, however, is conveniently elided (or barely admitted to in the form of large tubes feeding the control panel, presumably carrying video signals, since cables are no longer necessary) in favor of the more cinematic (perhaps telepathic?) display and control interfaces.

Gestural, haptic and holographic interfaces are rolled into one in Cloud Atlas

The archive of the future is fed by a series of tubes, delivering the true-true via a baroque combination of futuristic interfaces and hovering multiscreen displays

from Cloud Atlas (2012)
Creator: Tom Tykwer and Wachowskis
Posted by Critical Commons Manager