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Commentaries on this Media!

Gamer talk show interruption

by Critical Commons Manager

This expository sequence from the movie Gamer is equally mean-spirited toward tabloid television and the gaming industry. Michael C. Hall plays Ken Castle, the creator of "Society'" a Second Life-ish virtual world in which users control human avatars instead of computer-generated ones. Interviewed by Kyra Sedgewick on a live TV infotainment interview show, Castle describes his new project, "Slayers," which places "volunteer" death-row inmates in combat situations where they are controlled by middle class teenagers, facing real world life and death battles. This scene is remarkable for its technical explication of the Slayers system as well as its preemptive trivialization of a broad range of ethical concerns. The broadcast is interrupted by a radical group of hackers known as Humanz, embodied as an African-American male (Ludacris) who speaks directly to the TV audience, opposing the technology of Slayers and advocating a return to organic human existence.

Gamer talk show interview

Crass popular culture aesthetics of TV and virtual reality are highlighted in this expository sequence from the movie Gamer

from Gamer (2009)
Creator: Mark Neveldine
Posted by Critical Commons Manager