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Commentaries on this Media!

Two fembots destroy their creator

by Critical Commons Manager

In this remarkable conclusion of Alex Garland's Ex Machina, the two latest fembot models created by an eccentric and reclusive AI developer conspire to kill him, making it possible for one to escape into the outside world without a trace of regret. The cinematic trope of an intelligent creation rising up against her maker is nothing new to cinema, of course, but the matter of fact-ness with which the knife is inserted into the back, then the front of the human torso in this scene is executed with remarkable, chilling, machinic precision, suggesting a path to the eventual demise of humanity at the hands of intelligent machines. Also referenced here is the android lesbian kiss from Chris Cunningham's music video for Bjork's All Is Full of Love, which also suggests the irrelevance of humans when machines achieve their own ability to love.

Fembot showdown in Ex Machina

Intimacy between androids shows the irrelevance of humans in this climactic showdown

from Ex Machina (2015)
Creator: Alex Garland
Distributor: DNA Films
Posted by Critical Commons Manager