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Commentaries on this Media!

Surveillance porn for government spies

by Critical Commons Manager

This scene represents the apotheosis of state surveillance using telephone, electonic and satellite technologies. It is difficult to tell where the real capabilities of Federal government surveillance and Hollywood fantasies begin and end. In this narrative, an abandoned, urban industrial zone offers the only haven from all forms of surveillance - and then only when in the paranoid and technologically sophisticated hands of a former NSA agent. The brave new world of ubiquitous surveillance described by Gene Hackman precedes the justifications of the post 9/11-Patriot Act era.

Ememy of the State Off the grid

by Sharon Thompson

Enemy of the State off the grid

A former NSA agent reveals what it takes to be off the grid; then destroys it

from Enemy of the State (1998)
Creator: Tony Scott
Posted by Critical Commons Manager