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Commentaries on this Media!

What does it take to crash a computer array?

by Critical Commons Manager

Clearly labeling the Master Control button is not sufficient to prevent it from being pressed in anger, inadvertently causing punch cards to erupt out of an entire room full of computers. Doris Day, goaded by a co-worker into believing she has been the beneficiary of favoritism, objects vehemently. "If I never work again at least I've done it on my own. I'm not like one of these machines that you push a button and it just does what you want it to do. Well Push all you want. Puch my buttons. I'm not a robot, I'm people. And I quit!" The final line is uttered while pressing the master control button, creating punch card chaos. The apparent fragility and volatility of computerized financial institutions must have been troubling to consumers and office workers of the mid 1960s. Perhaps the extreme volatility of computers on film and television served to make real world computer errors and crashes seem insignificant by comparison.

Doris Day inadvertently creates punch card chaos in That Touch of Mink

A disgruntled employee and tempermental computer systems are a recipe for chaos in a financial institution

from That Touch of Mink (1962)
Creator: Delbert Mann
Posted by Critical Commons Manager