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Donald Segretti scene from All the President's Men

by Critical Commons Manager

In this scene from All the President's Men, USC alum Donal Segretti talks about his work as the chief of "dirty tricks" for Richard Nixon's pre-Watergate Presidential campaign. Many of the tactics ( termed "ratfucking") that Segretti and his team used to discredit Democratic candidates were first developed during his undergraduate years at USC, where he was part of a student organization called "Trojans for Representative Government." In this scene, Segretti talks to Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein from his apartment in Marina del Rey, a massive, Federally funded public works project that created the largest artificial urban marina in the U.S., which had opened to the public just a few years before this scene was filmed.

Donald Segretti scene from All the President's Men

USC alum Donald Segretti talks about his involvement in pre-Watergate dirty tricks for the Nixon campaign

from All the President's Men (1976)
Creator: Alan J. Pakula
Posted by Critical Commons Manager