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Commentaries on this Media!

Form and content

by Critical Commons Manager

No digital effects were used in the making of Peter Tscherkassky's Outer Space, but the sensibility of the film is inseparable from the moment in which it was created, on the brink of the digital millennium, when the physical apparatus of cinema - film stocks, sprocket holes, optical sound tracks, etc. - was being summarily replaced with digital surrogates. Tscherkassky's vision offers an ironic reworking of a more or less conventional Hollywood (horror) genre film (The Entity) which involves the victimization of a woman by unseen forces. On a metaphoric level, Outer Space mirrors the struggle between digital and analogue images, while simultaneously visualizing the explosion of the film frame. The result retains many of the attributes and emotional trajectories of the original film, condensed into a chaotic audio-visual assault.

Destruction of the film frame in Outer Space

The end of film is portended when a Hollywood genre film runs amok within the cinematic apparatus

from Outer Space (1999)
Creator: Peter Tscherkassky
Posted by Critical Commons Manager