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Commentaries on this Media!

Cinema and language games explain deconstruction

by Critical Commons Manager

This scene from Derrida exemplifies the documentary's attempts to use the specific affordances of cinema to engage issues of post-structural theory. Just as Derrida himself eliptically addresses a blunt question about "deconstruction," the filmmakers transform his verbal answer into a tangle of audio and visual information including subtitles, voice-over, superimposition and quotation. The resistance to a straightforward "definition" of deconstruction, with which Derrida maintained a problematic and tenuous relationship, is refracted through the cinematic equivalent of Derrida's own wordplay in his answer, suggesting that the key lies not in an external (ex-centric / eccentric) system of understanding, but a meaning that emerges in dialogue with always-already present aspects of the various systems of representation at work (language, interview, cinema, published text, spoken text, documentary, and more).

Derrida (and Kirby Dick) on deconstruction in Derrida

Derrida responds - or rather refuses to respond (and thereby responds) - to a question about "deconstruction"

from Derrida (2002)
Creator: Kirby Dick
Posted by Critical Commons Manager