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Totalitarian spectacle in The Hunger Games

by Critical Commons Manager

The Hunger Games provides a pastiche of totalitarian spectacle that justifies a fascist dictatorship predicated on the sacrifice of the nation's young people in order to prevent war. The historical narrative in this sequence resonates with the kind of patriotic ideology popularized by the Reagan administration during the 1980s, describing a nation and a people who work hard and take pride in the achievements of their country, which is guided by an elite who knows what's best for them. How do the visual and historiographical resonances of this scene compare with those of the montage titled "A Soldier's Pledge," which was based on a real world Presidential address?

Declaration of national ideology from The Hunger Games

Historical montage provides narrative exposition and justification for a totalitarian government

from The Hunger Games (2012)
Creator: Gary Ross
Distributor: Lionsgate
Posted by Critical Commons Manager