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Date Night gestural interface

by Critical Commons Manager

Romantic comedies are not usually the first place you would look for showcase scenes of contemporary or futuristic technologies, but in this unexpected and narratively superfluous scene from Date Night, Mark Wahlberg plays an ex-military intelligence specialist whose home computer system allows him to perform a virtuosic display of civilian surveillance. Wahlberg impresses Tina Fey with his adept manipulation of information systems via a gesture-based, translucent touch screen interface. This depiction of a "futuristic" haptic interface serving as a form of seduction suggests the potential for touch-based interfaces to transform conventional relations between bodies and computers.

Thank you

by greg russell

We appreciate you sharing the work we did on this portion of Date Night! It was a fun challenge. Thanks to Todd Marks of Production Suppliers for making it possible. Greg

Date Night gestural interface

Mark Wahlberg uses his proficiency with a gestural computer interface as an instrument of seduction in Date Night

from Date Night (2010)
Creator: Shawn Levy
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Posted by Critical Commons Manager