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Commentaries on this Media!

Personal history and identity

by Critical Commons Manager

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is an ex-military police investigator who always gets his man but refuses to be tracked or located within society. Reacher remains free from government surveillance only by strictly avoiding everyday activities and living by his own code of conduct. These scenes depict the difficulty of living a life off-the-grid in today's high tech surveillance state but contrasts it favorably with the dreariness of American middle class life. Unlike virtually all other Hollywood anti-heroes who reject technology and elude surveillance, Jack Reacher is not particularly technologically adept, instead using his military training, physical strength and cunning to maintain his freedom from the system.

Database identity and anonymity in Jack Reacher

In an age of domestic metadata surveillance dropping off the grid is nearly impossible

from Jack Reacher (2012)
Creator: Christopher McQuarrie
Distributor: Paramount
Posted by Critical Commons Manager