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Commentaries on this Media!

FPS vs. arcade games

by Critical Commons Manager

Strategies for winning at 1980s arcade games are usefully contrasted with the logic of contemporary first person shooter games in this scene from Pixels. Adam Sandler plays a middle-aged loser who was a video game prodigy back in the 1980s, unable to decipher the algorithmic patterns that would ensure victory in a procedurally generated game of the 2010s. The basic edict, "pretend you're the guy and you don't want to die" nicely sums up the logic of contemporary shooter games (including The Last of Us, seen here, which is critiqued for its use of violence by the lovable 1980s biped Q*bert), as well as the logics of empathy and projective stance in designing playable narratives.

Contrasting generational logics of videogames in Pixels

Two generations of gamers discuss strategies for winning at 1980s arcade games compared with mid-2010s first person shooters

from Pixels (2015)
Creator: Chris Columbus
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Posted by Critical Commons Manager