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Commentaries on this Media!

A computer experiences a nervous breakdown

by Critical Commons Manager

Although marred by the painfully bad production values (fumbled lines, repeated shots, sped-up action sequences, out-of-synch dialogue scenes) of a low-budget exploitation movie, Sex Kittens Go To College also presents an unusually blunt vision of military oversight in a university research lab. Van Doren's arrival at "college" immediately precedes an inspection by Admiral Wildcat MacPherson, who is responsible for funding the lab. Ultimately, it's revealed that SAM Thinko (played by the 1939 Westinghouse robot "Electro") has a gambling problem and his frustrated sexual impulses toward Van Doren lead to a chaotic showdown in which he experiences a "nervous breakdown" signified by smoke rising from the robot and causing the fire department to arrive on the scene.

Computer malfunction in Sex Kittens Go to College

In this climactic scene the computer SAM Thinko experiences the mechanical equivalent of a nervous breakdown

from Sex Kittens Go To College (1960)
Creator: Albert Zugsmith
Posted by Critical Commons Manager