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Commentaries on this Media!

Halftime ad ideology

by Critical Commons Manager

What cultural references and ideological assumptions are necessary to "correctly" decode this overwrought Superbowl ad for the American auto industry? What counter-readings or mis-readings might be available to different types of viewers? How does Clint Eastwood serve as a vessel and an icon of political ideology? Who is the intended audience for this ad? Who is excluded by its chosen system(s) of signification? What extra-textual historical context adds to our overall understanding of this cultural artifact?

Clint Eastwood It's Halftime in America Superbowl ad

As laden with ideological signification as this ad is, counter-readings are still possible

from It's Halftime in America (2012)
Creator: Wieden + Kennedy
Distributor: Chrysler
Posted by Critical Commons Manager