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Buck Rogers title design

by Critical Commons Manager

The title design sequence for Glen Larson's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century bears a striking resemblance to that of Roger Vadim's Barbarella, complete with futuristic space-women writhing and frolicking in a simulation of zero gravity. Except for provocative costuming and the inclusion of variously underdressed women throughout the series, the title sequence does little to frame the narrative scenario of this space adventure series. The strategy here is straightforward televisual titillation and cultural resonance with the lighted dance floors popularized by Saturday Night Fever two years prior rather than narrative exposition.

Buck Rogers opening title sequence

The title sequence of Glen Larson's Buck Rogers TV series bears a striking resemblance to the title design of Barbarella

from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-81)
Creator: Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens
Posted by Critical Commons Manager