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Commentaries on this Media!

Prescient vision of government surveillance and security systems

by Critical Commons Manager

When James Cameron's True Lies presented this vision of the biometric security system used in a top-secret government facility, it played as comedy and/or an absurd, excessively invasive technological imaginary that was unthinkable two decades ago. In today's evolving American surveillance and security state, a version of virtually all of these technologies are in everday use under much less baroque circumstances. Even the live action, full-body X-ray system seen here (which drew laughs in theaters in 1994), is approximated by the technology of backscatter scanners - so-called "naked" scans used by the TSA for airport security. How do these cinematically prescient visions of problematic, futuristic technologies shape the cultural and technological landscapes within which such technologies might be created and deployed in the real world?

Biometric security system in True Lies

James Cameron's vision of government security systems from two decades ago now seems uncannily prescient

from True Lies (1994)
Creator: James Cameron
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Posted by Critical Commons Manager