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Perfection through holography: Automan

by Critical Commons Manager

Following the success of Tron in 1982, Glen A. Larson created the character of Automan, an artificial intelligence agent, able to traverse the real and digital (especially video game) worlds through holography. Automan also poses as a Federal Agent to assist in crime solving with police computer specialist Desi Arnaz Jr. Stereotypes of 1980s popular culture (from which Automan derives most of his knowledge about human culture and behavior) abound in this campy, derivative sci-fi comedy that is nonetheless symptomatic of its moment in the evolution of commercial technoculture. Automan is accompanied by a virtual sidekick named "cursor," a floating polygon capable of "rezzing" digitally generated objects into the physical world.

Automan opening titles

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The opening titles of a Tron-inspired crime-fighting hologram series created by Glen A. Larson

from Automan (1983)
Creator: Glen A. Larson
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager