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Rip. Mix. Burn.

by Critical Commons Manager

This was allegedly the first iPod ad to deploy Apple's "Rip. Mix. Burn" slogan in 2006. A white teenager enters a concert hall filled with popular musicians, each of whom responds to their inclusion on a simulated playlist by being extremely compliant, friendly and/or flirtatious to illustrate the ease of assembling collections of even extremely eclectic music.

Representing a utopian moment in the digitization of commercial music, it is difficult to reconcile this portrayal of collaborative rapport between musicians and consumers seen in this ad with the concurrent shock-and-awe tactics of the RIAA in prosecuting its customers for ripping, mixing and burning music in other contexts.

This is not an iPod ad

by Hugh McNally

Not to be a stickler but... it's not an iPod ad at all. It's a Macintosh ad, and an iTunes ad. Just listen to what George Clinton says at the end. And this was a 2001 ad campaign, not 2006. Both errors are important to correct for a meaningful discussion of this topic. A practical question is: how did Apple get so many top-drawer artists on one stage, and did any of them consider the commercial and legal implications of this technology? Ripping MP3s and burning them _was not_ new in 2001; the iTunes application greatly simplified the process for people buying the computer platform (no "iTunes for Windows" yet), and Apple in 2001 was still making most of its money selling computers. Did these artists think, or were they told, that Apple would be attempting to legitimize the digital music market in the upcoming years? Michael Eisner of Disney knew...

Apple ad: Rip. Mix. Burn

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In the first iPod ad from 2006, a white teenager assembles an eclectic playlist from live performers in a concert hall

from Rip. Mix. Burn. (2006)
Creator: Apple
Distributor: Apple
Posted by Critical Commons Manager