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Commentaries on this Media!

Patty Duke vs. the computer

by Critical Commons Manager

In the second episode of the Patty Duke Show, a Univac 422 plays the Technical Electronic Amplifier Code Handler (TEACH) used by Paul Lynde to determine students' IQ scores. When Patty gets frustrated with the process and begins pushing buttons at random, it mistakenly results in a genius score. Rather than showing Patty's aptitude for reprogramming a computer, the show is careful to note that her score was strictly accidental. The Paul Lynde character is stereotypically overinvested in the accuracy of the computer although it defies all logic.

An educational testing computer mistakes Patty Duke for a genius

After becoming frustrated with an automated test, Patty pushes buttons randomly on the testing computer until it concludes she is a genius

from The Patty Duke Show S1E2 "The Genius" (1963)
Creator: William Asher / Sidney Sheldon
Distributor: ABC
Posted by Critical Commons Manager