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Computer technology remains behind the scenes in 1970s action crimefighting

by Critical Commons Manager

Director Ted V. Mikels, known for his horror fantasy titles such as The Astro Zombies (1969), The Corpse Grinders (1972), and Blood Orgy of The She Devils (1972), expands his range and narrative coherence with The Doll Squad, reputed to have inspired Aaron Spelling to create Charlie's Angels just three years later. As with the Spelling series, the female agents of the Doll Squad, led by a "Sabrina," trustingly take their orders from an unseen intelligence, in this case, a supercomputer named BERTHA, which is capable of making analytical, even intuitive, decisions based on fragments of evidence.

An early example of multi-source data processing to combat terrorism in The Doll Squad

A CIA supercomputer named BERTHA recommends "experienced women" to foil a terrorist plot

from The Doll Squad (1973)
Creator: Ted V. Mikels
Posted by Critical Commons Manager