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Good Kill indoctrination

by Critical Commons Manager

"This ain't fuckin' Playstation." Andrew Niccol's earnest interrogation of the ethics and emotional impact of drone warfare begins with this unusually blunt connection between video games and contemporary warfare, including the use of videogames as a tool for recruitment and training. The film is constructed around a deliberately endless series of drone strikes, the ethics of which become increasingly murky. For film audiences, it is worth asking whether the repeated visual pleasure of each surgical strike supports the film's critique or ultimately reinforces the fantasy of drone warfare as an extension of American technological and moral superiority.

An Air Force base commander explains the difference between video games and war in Good Kill

Andrew Niccol's well intentioned but tediously overwritten film about the emotional distress of drone pilots reminds future drone operators of the difference between bodies and pixels

from Good Kill (2014)
Creator: Andrew Niccol
Posted by Critical Commons Manager