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Commentaries on this Media!

Alphaet soup as interface

by Critical Commons Manager

A call for help delivered through alphabet soup letters can only be deciphered computationally by pouring the letters directly into the Bat Computer. The dependence of the 1960s TV series' Batman and Robin on technology contrasts sharply with the 1940s theatrical serial that preceded them.

In this episode, character actor Roger C. Carmel (best known as fembot-creator "Harry Mudd" on Star Trek) plays the villain Colonel Gumm. Two years prior, Carmel played a THRUSH crime lord on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. who attempted to take over the world by means of a supercomputer. It may be worth exploring connections between the type of stock TV villain played by Carmel and technologies that inevitably run amok

Alphabet soup is used as an interface for the bat computer on TV's Batman

In "Batman's Satisfaction" (originally aired Mar. 2, 1967) Batman and Robin's reliance on computerized problem solving is tested when a woman's vanity causes the power to go out in the bat cave

from Batman (1967)
Creator: Bob Kane
Distributor: TV Land
Posted by Critical Commons Manager