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Algorithmic racism

by Critical Commons Manager

The Good Wife continues its tradition of recreating real world issues related to technology in the context of dramatic narrative. This episode from the show's final season addresses the possibility of encoded racism in algorithms for search autocompletion and image recognition. In 2013 the Google Instant autocompletion tool was accused of promoting racist and sexist stereotypes; then, in 2015, Google Photos was criticized for tagging a photograph of two African-Americans as “gorillas.” Both incidents are directly cited in this episode, which attempts to address issues of racism and sexism within the culture of a technology company overtly modeled on Google.

Algorithmic racism on The Good Wife

Google surrogate Chumhum is investigated for racist technology at the level of image recognition and autocomplete algorithms, echoing real world controversies over Google Photos and Google Instant

from The Good Wife (2016)
Creator: Michelle King, Robert King
Distributor: CBS
Posted by Critical Commons Manager