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Video game addiction on TNG

by Critical Commons Manager

Lt. Barclay's social awkwardness is revealed to originate in his spending too much time in the holodeck, running simulations that involve Enterprise crew members. The theme of addiction and video games is taken up in numerous episodes of Star Trek since the cultural assimilation of games into everyday life that occurred during the 1990s. This clip suggests a useful comparison with the later episode from Deep Space 9 in which a boy's "addiction" to the holodeck is considered a potentially therapeutic coping mechanism for dealing with trauma.

Addiction and socialization are jeopardized by excessive game play on the Holodeck in Star Trek TNG

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Virtual environments that too closely resemble the real world pose the threat of addiction and social awkwardness

from Star Trek TNG S3E21 "Hollow Pursuits" (1990)
Creator: Gene Roddenberry
Distributor: Paramount Television
Posted by Critical Commons Manager