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Commentaries on this Media!

Get Smart's Automated Reciprocal Data Verifier and Reaction Computer

by Critical Commons Manager

In season 4, episode 22 CONTROL's "superhuman brain" is introduced and then destroyed minutes later as the result of a KAOS sabotage plot. ARDVARC is significantly ahead of its time relative to real world supercomputing technologies, including the use of voice synthesis and ability to process natural language queries submitted via a voice interface. ARDVARC also manages to predict its own demise via the enigmatic repetition of its own name, which otherwise resembles a loop-induced malfunction.

A "superhuman brain" is destroyed on Get Smart

CONTROL's "superhuman brain" ARDVARC (the Automated Reciprocal Data Verifier and Reaction Computer) is destroyed by KAOS on Get Smart

from Get Smart (1969)
Creator: Mel Brooks, Buck Henry
Posted by Critical Commons Manager