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Commentaries on this Media!

Database identity in Mission Impossible

by Critical Commons Manager

The IMF enlists the help of an unlikely ally, a computer genius who has dropped out of society but is motivated by patriotic duty and anti-Vietnam sentiment to break into a Middle Eastern chemical weapons manufacturing facility and use his knowledge of computers to neutralize the operation. Comparing the chemical agent that is being manufactured in an unnamed Middle Eastern country to those used in Southeast Asia, the IMF operative also demonstrates the team's mastery of data through a personal profile that could only have been compiled by "that monster [computer] under the Pentagon."

A hippie dropout computer hacker saves the day in Mission Impossible

The IMF enlists the help of a hacker to prevent the development of chemical weapons in the Middle East

from Mission Impossible, "The Innocent" (1970)
Creator: John Llewellyn Moxey / Bruce Geller
Distributor: CBS / Desilu / Paramount
Posted by Critical Commons Manager