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Commentaries on this Media!

TV critiques video games

by Critical Commons Manager

Just as cinema once condemned the violence and vapidity of television, in this episode of the otherwise nuanced and intelligent HBO series The Wire, TV presents itself as the "good object" in contrast with video games, which implicitly support the culture of violence and drug abuse profiled in the show. This blunt and obvious scene shows Namond Brice turn off a TV broadcast with local politicians advocating on behalf of youths in order to play Halo 2, suggesting the inefficacy and irrelevance of the politician's efforts to the everyday life of a teenager who is otherwise thought to be overly sensitive and possibly not destined for hard core crime in the years to come.

A drug dealer's son turns off a TV broadcast about improving the lives of inner city youths in order to play Halo 2

An uncharacteristically heavy-handed critique of videogame violence from season 4 of The Wire

from The Wire S4E2 "Soft Eyes" (2006)
Creator: David Simon
Distributor: HBO
Posted by Critical Commons Manager