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Commentaries on this Media!

Grotesque charicatures of gamers

by Critical Commons Manager

This mean-spirited scene from Mark Neveldine's Gamer makes a point of showing a diverse range of players for the simulation game "Society," ranging from very young to very old, with a variety of races and genders among the players. In this scene introducing the game mechanics of "Society," however, it is a grotesquely overweight, male player who selects a real human avatar (Amber Valletta) to control. This unnamed player is uniquely featured among the various Society controllers who appear in the film, suggesting that he is in some ways typical of the constituency the game most successfully serves.

A debauched vision of gamers and game play from the movie Gamer

Obese shut-ins, sexual deviants and elderly occupy the game world of Society

from Gamer (2009)
Creator: Mark Neveldine
Distributor: Lionsgate
Posted by Critical Commons Manager