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Commentaries on this Media!

Experience life through the non-living.

by Michael Koerbel

"We're not meant to experience life through a machine."

But yet this film clip makes me think about how little interaction we ACTUALLY have.  I don't reach out and touch someone, or even hear their voice anymore.  I send a txt, I receive an e-mail. We are only two clicks away from "experiencing life" without really experiencing anything.  I can virtually tour another world, another country, a friend's apartment - all from even my mobile device.

Let me ask you?  If you spent one day and looked up everything on Paris, would you feel like you had been there.  Likely yes, even down to stories people had posted on blogs, images people took, even popular background avatar programs that allow you to "simulate" you're in front of the Eiffel Tower, etc.

Now take it a step further as the movie Surrogates does.  Experience EVERYTHING through another medium.  Their lack of touch, feeling, love ... is completely removed and separated because of the technology that helps them experience.  We're not that far off from that reality - or at that point, will it even be reality?

Surrogates title sequence outlines utopian/dystopian binary

by Critical Commons Manager

The opening title sequence of Surrogates neatly summarizes the competing utopian/dystopian rhetoric that inevitably surrounds emerging technologies. This sequence offers a particularly stark and flat-footed example of the dreams and anxieties that accompany new technologies in the cultural imaginary, recapitulating desires for technologies that are capable of eradicating racism, sexism and physical disability, among other societal afflictions. It is also exemplary of a pre-narrative sequence that serves to concisely articulate the film's motivating narrative tensions and premises.

Surrogates Title sequence

The opening of Surrogates maps a familiar utopian/dystopian binary onto the new technology of telepathically controlled physical avatars

from Surrogates (2009)
Creator: Jonathan Mostow
Distributor: Touchstone
Posted by Critical Commons Manager