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Commentaries on this Media!

ROQ of the 80s

by Karen Tongson

L.A. radio DJ and VJ, Richard Blade (formerly Richard Shepphard of Torquay, England) sold the much heralded "second British pop invasion" to So. Cal kids in the early 1980s through his sets on KROQ and on local TV shows like "Video  One." Blade's own British accent became the gateway for local teens to British New Wave bands, especially the commercially successful ones he names in this ad: Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and Wham! Subsequently, Blade emerged as an important taste-maker in the Southern California region in the 1980s, who also helped brand the renegade radio station, KROQ, while defining So. Cal's suburban youth culture.

KROQ TV Ad with Richard Blade

TV ad circa mid 1980s for KROQ: "Roq of the '80s," a Greater L.A.-based radio station.

from KROQ TV ad (ca. 1986)
Creator: Unknown
Distributor: KROQ
Posted by Critical Commons Manager