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Bush coins the term "internets"

by Critical Commons Manager

In this very brief clip from the second debate of the 2004 Presidential campaign, incumbent President George W. Bush referred to the internets in plural form: " I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft..." Apparently this was not the first time that Bush publicly used the plural form; during a debate with Al Gore during the 2000 election, Bush also used the plural: "We can have filters on Internets..." but it was the 2004 utterance that got picked up as a full-scale internet meme.

I Have Filters on Internets - George W. Bush

by M Nizam Uddin

To check rumors please you can see

George W. Bush: Rumors on the Internets

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President George W. Bush coins the term "internets"

from Presidential Debate (2004)
Creator: MSNBC
Distributor: Internets
Posted by Critical Commons Manager