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Commentaries on this Media!

Code 46 interface montage

by Critical Commons Manager

In this collection of clips from Michael Winterbottom's futuristic Code 46, computer information, communication and surveillance systems are fully integrated into the environment. As with most early 21st century visions of next-generation interface technologies, these devices use touch-based, voice, and gestural interfaces, though Code 46 depicts these in an understated, quotidian style that sharply contrasts the baroque, orchestral gestures of the previous year's Minority Report. In keeping with Code 46's narrative focus on genetic engineering, Winterbottom instead borrows from the biometric interface conventions of Gattaca (1997).

Code 46 interface montage

A montage of clips from Michael Winterbottom's Code 46 illustrating a sci-fi future of touch-based, gestural and biometric interfaces.

from Code 46 (2003)
Creator: Michael Winterbottom
Posted by Critical Commons Manager