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Commentaries on this Media!

The last performance

by Critical Commons Manager

The problematic premise of this scene from the international coproduction of The Congress is captured in the following exchange as Robin Wright is compelled to agree to a body scan that will allow her studio to reanimate her fading career:

Jeff: We at Miramount, want to... want to scan you. All of you - your body, your face, your emotion, your laughter, your tears, your climaxing, your happiness, your depressions, your... fears, longings. We want to sample you, we want to preserve you, we want... all this, this... this thing, this thing called..."Robin Wright".
Robin Wright: What will you do with this... thing ? That you call Robin Wright?
Jeff: We'll do all the things that your Robin Wright wouldn't do.

The capture scene itself, set in USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, also exemplifies the film's bizarre misogyny, as her agent (Harvey Keitel) provokes Wright to exhibit a series of emotions that the actress is either unable or unwilling to perform. This ludicrous and mean-spirited attack on the profession of acting simplistically reifies Hollywood entertainment industry ideology concerning actors as inconvenient vessels and surfaces for the conveyance of narrative content that is rightfully the domain of men and machines.

3D body scan and emotion capture in The Congress

Inside the real world spherical camera and lighting grid at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, Robin Wright is compelled to give the final performance of her fading career

from The Congress (2013)
Creator: Ari Folman
Distributor: Miramount Studios
Posted by Critical Commons Manager