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Commentaries on this Media!

1970s fembot feminism

by Critical Commons Manager

Standards and contradictions of femininity and feminism are in evidence in this montage of ads from the mid-1970s. The Bionic Woman action figure is placed in an unconventional domestic space (a dome house), as well as a conventional beauty salon, but the ultimate contradiction comes with the introduction of a fembot action figure capable of impersonating the real Jamie Sommers. Middle class white girls of the 1970s are invited to interchange both clothes and faces while reenacting narratives from the Bionic Woman TV show (Jamie Sommers action figure sold separately).

1970s fembot and Bionic Woman action figure ads

Bionic Woman action figures epitomize tropes of 1970s femininity in these ads for the Kenner Toy company

from Bionic Woman action figure ads (1976)
Creator: Kenner Products
Distributor: Hasbro
Posted by Critical Commons Manager