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Commentaries on this Media!

Virtual worlds and artificial intelligence in The Thirteenth Floor

by Critical Commons Manager

Released the same year as The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor was largely overshadowed at the box office and in the cultural imaginary but it is no less pompous in its aspiration to explore the meaning of reality, even going so far as to open with a quote from Descartes. Spinning a confusing, neo-noir melodramatic narrative predicated on nested simulations and the ready ability to permanently transfer consciousness between the minds of real and virtual characters, The Thirteenth Floor soberly skims the surface of ethical implications of placing artificial intelligence agents in persistent worlds. 

Entering VR via laser scan

In The Thirteenth Floor, consciousness is transferred back and forth between real and virtual worlds via laser scan

from The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
Creator: Josef Rusnak
Posted by Critical Commons Manager