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Commentaries on this Media!

Diagramming the Scene of the Crime

by Carrie Rentschler

In this news photograph of the Kitty Genovese murder crime scene that ran in the New York Times, the numbers signify 1) the final part of the assault that occurred behind Austin Street along the entrance way to apartments located on the second floor of the building ,and 2) the apartment door to Genovese's residence. Diagrams like this one promised to reveal the crime's truths through processes of sequencing, telling news readers how to interpret the photographs as ways of seeing and understanding the crime scene better than those original witnesses to the crime who failed to call the police, save for one.

Photo behind Kitty Genovese's apartment buildling

News photograph behind the two-storey building where Genovese lived.

from "37 Witnesses to Murder do not Call the Police" (1964)
Creator: Edward Hausner, photographer
Distributor: New York Times, and book Thirty-Eight Witnesses
Posted by Carrie Rentschler