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Commentaries on this Media!

Korngold THE SEA WOLF (1941) Boat Crash

by Brett Service

The stillness and tension of a confrontation between escaped convict Ruth Webster (Ida Lupino) and the police is aurally defined by ambient sounds of the harbor and the absence of musical score. Webster's attempted escape initiates a flurry of Korngold's score which anticipates and continues through the boat crash and its attenuating chaos. The stillness in the water, amidst the boat wreckage, announces both visually and musically, the approach, arrival, and mystery of the Ghost seal-hunting ship, upon which the rest of the film's plot events will take place.

The Sea Wolf (1941) Boat Crash

Escaped convict Ruth Webster (Ida Lupino) avoids the police when a large ship crashes into their boat. Author Humphrey van Weyden (Alexander Knox) helps to rescue Ruth in the boat wreckage as the seal-hunting boat, Ghost, arrives in the distance.

from The Sea Wolf (1941)
Creator: Michael Curtiz
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Posted by Brett Service