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Commentaries on this Media!

The Graduate (1967): Time Lapse Montages

by Brett Service

In these time lapse montages from 'The Graduate' (1967), Mike Nichols collapses disparate times and spaces through a variety of editing tricks, all unified by Simon Garfunkel's music. Dissolves initially convey the passage of time and the inertia of Benjamin's poolside existence. A match-on-action edit (along with continued camera movement and consistent costume) magically transports him from his family pool house to Mrs. Robinson's hotel room where their affair continues. A graphic match with Benjamin's head framed against a black headboard in the hotel room corresponds to a similar headboard in his own bedroom. Another match-on-action edit transports Benjamin from a flotation device in his pool to a post-coital embrace with Mrs. Robinson in their hotel room. Beyond condensing the passage of time, these editing tricks emphasize the interrelationship between Benjamin's post-graduate family life and his illicit affair with his parents' friend, Mrs. Robinson. 


The Graduate (1967): Sound of Silence & April Come She Will

During these music montages in 'The Graduate' (1967), editing through matches on action draws connections between disparate times and spaces and economically conveys the narrative information.

from The Graduate (1967)
Creator: Mike Nichols
Distributor: Embassy Pictures Corporation
Posted by Brett Service