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Commentaries on this Media!

(Postmodern) History in the Making

by Brett Service

A famous Manchester concert by the Sex Pistols is recounted and revisited in Michael Winterbottom's '24 Hour Party People' (2002). Actual footage is incorporated with recreations. A mixture of film and video stocks (8mm for the original footage, digital video for the recreation) are mixed in a playful manner (sometimes within the same frame) that both calls the veracity of Winterbottom's film into question while also adding dynamism and visual urgency to the historical retelling. This tension can be understood as postmodern insofar as the aesthetic heterogeneity and playfulness is celebratory and uninterested in authenticity's elusiveness.

24 Hour Party People (2002): Sex Pistols Concert


In this scene from '24 Hour Party People' (2002), we revisit the first Sex Pistols concert in Manchester and its impact on subsequent developments in the music scene.

from 24 Hour Party People (2002)
Creator: Michael Winterbottom
Distributor: MGM
Posted by Brett Service