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Commentaries on this Media!

Ivan's Path

by Brandon Alex Hohengarten

The path Ivan takes as he enters the scene in Ivan the Terrible Part 1 at the battle of Kazan. The dotted line shows his path, which helps to establish 3-dimensionality in relation to the 2-dimensional barricade in the sketch here.

Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) - Ivan Path Sketch

A Sketch of Ivan's path as he enters Kazan: Ivan and Kursbky (1942) in Ivan the Terrible Part 1 (1942), as shown by sketches of the scenes, their perspectives, and the path of Ivan as he moves in the scenes as to demonstrate 3-dimensionality.

from Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) (1942)
Creator: Sergei Eisenstein
Posted by Brandon Alex Hohengarten