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Commentaries on this Media!

Conflict Line

by Brandon Alex Hohengarten

A sketch of a typical Eisensteinian conflict line from Theory of Montage (1937) graphed/sketched on to Eisenstein's sketch of Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) based on his montage sequence from Ivan the Terrible Part 1.

Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) - Conflict Line

Eiseinstein's sketch of Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) with an example of his conflict line, first graphed in his 1937 Theory of Montage, graphed on to the original sketch based on his montage of scenes.

from Kazan: Ivan and Kurbsky (1942) (1942)
Creator: Sergei Eisenstein
Posted by Brandon Alex Hohengarten