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Commentaries on this Media!

Sacrificial Killing

by Brandon Alex Hohengarten

Given the position between two of what Eisenstein and Nesbit refer to as representations of social conflict, the merging of peasants with the barricade is symbolic of them being visually merged with Ivan the Terrible's army. The Magus commanding Kazan, with the wave of his arm, commands that it's better their death be a continuation of Kazan rather than a sacrifice towards the victory of Ivan.

Ivan the Terrible Part 1 Kazan Battle Sacrifice Scene

Montage depicting the tying up of prisoners of war on to a barricade, and then their preceding sacrifice by the opposing army who decided that it would be better they dying as a continuation of the soldiers in Kazan.

from Ivan the Terrible Part 1 (1942)
Creator: Sergei Eisenstein
Posted by Brandon Alex Hohengarten