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Banished Prince Funk

by Attackfish Scales

Some things I think everyone here should know about Uptown Funk

  • This song is four and a half minutes long. I’m just after the second minute mark. Oh shit, oh shit, fuck fuck fuck, what did I get myself into?
  • The lyrics: “Make a dragon wanna retire, man” are only in there twice, which is not nearly enough for all the great Iroh expressions. Those expressions, man, Zuko is only alive because his uncle is a saint.
  • The lyrics: “fill my cup, put some liquor in it,” speak to Book One Zuko on a deep, visceral level. He feels that after all this shit, he needs a freaking drink.
  • What Iroh thinks about this: “Nephew, really with your shit judgement and lack of either interpersonal skills or emotional control, you do not need to go adding alcohol to the mix.” What Iroh says: “Here is a cup of calming tea, Prince Zuko, please drink this instead.” (I don’t need any calming tea!)
  • For all the Jeeko lovers watching, I stuck in the scene where Zuko pokes Jee in the chest. I had to do some fancy cutting to get the timing right, but I did it, and I hope you’re happy.
  • Iroh’ sandal is too stinky, hot damn.

Banished Prince Funk

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Book One Zuko is going to capture the Avatar and regain his honor. Don't believe him? Just watch.

from Avatar: the Last Airbender (2005)
Creator: Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Distributor: Nickelodeon
Posted by Attackfish Scales