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Commentaries on this Media!

Sound in Pride & Prejudice (Wright 2005)

by Allison Ross

This sequence exemplifies the use of sound to establish atmosphere and mood as discussed by Dr. Casper in his lecture on Sound Design in CTCS 190. Watch this opening, taking notes of the following: aural film world, aural perspective, and aural arrangement. Compare this opening to those of Lost in Translation (Coppola 2003), available on Critical Commons, and I’m Not There (Haynes 2007), on YouTube at to think about the different uses of sound and styles of sound montage in these three films. Use the grid handout from CTCS 190 to take notes on all three clips.

Sound in Pride & Prejudice (Wright 2005)

The opening sequence from Pride & Prejudice (Wright 2005).

from Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Creator: Joe Wright
Distributor: Focus Features
Posted by Allison Ross