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Text Commentary

by Yasaman Hashemian `

In this clip some of the Disney characters in a very comic way try to mention some essential aspect of the copyright. We All are aware that copyright is a very important fact for those legal or natural person who spent his/her knowledge and time on a piece of work of art. Copyright provides a protection against losing profit for creators who invest lot of different sources.

 There are different types of reasons, from different point of views that why copyright should exist. Imagine yourself putting lots of effort and time for one project and then suddenly someone stole it from you, how terrible and outrageous you will feel. Copyright gives you the full control to find if there is a person who abuses your rights.

 Still there are some countries that won’t follow the copyright rules. Almost all famous software are available in these countries with the price of only few dollars while in global markets the price of these applications have several hundred dollars. Maybe at first sight for the citizens of these countries use the software and products with low prices is optimal, particularly because the level of their income is low. However, usually software-production companies produce cheaper versions for low-income countries. But because these countries are not following the copyright rules, such facility is not possible for consumers.

On the other hand, while there is no copyright law in these countries, other countries are not able to use their local literary, cultural and computer products as well. Now many domestic manufacturers of these countries have faced this problem and seeking for a way to solve this issue.

There is no doubt that the transition and process of creating the copyright in such countries will face many problems, because for domestic consumers pay the true cost of production would be very hard.

 With all the reasons I mentioned above, I believe copyright is a very helpful and fundamental law to help individuals protect their rights.

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