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Text Commentary

Addressing the Direct Address
by Michelle Robinson `

This clip by will be used to explore the technique of direct address as it is employed in the films of director Spike Lee. In attempt to understand the variety of uses for and thematic depth of this technique, students will examine the direct address in the Spike Lee films Inside Man, 4 Little Girls, 25th Hour, and Do the Right Thing, comparing the consistent effects of this shot across some of Lee’s films, but also the variances in subtlety, social commentary, and film genre. Additional commentaries will be provided by students in the course “The Film Director as Public Intellectual” at UNC Chapel Hill (Spring 2012).

This Commentary is related to the following Clips:
Monty's Monologue by Spike Lee (2002) This clip from director Spike Lee's 25th Hour features Monty Brogan's (Edward Norton) famous monologue about post 9/11 America.
Racial Stereotypes by Spike Lee (1989) In this clip from director Spike Lee's Do the Right Think, Mookie (Spike Lee), Pino (John Turturro) and others let fly a barrage of racial epithets and stereotypes.
George Wallace Interview by Spike Lee (1997) In this clip from director Spike Lee's documentary Four Little Girls, which presents the circumstances and the aftermath of the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, Alabama, elderly former Alabama governor George Wallace talks about his relationship to black Americans.
Dalton Russell's Closing Monologue by Spike Lee (2006) In this clip from director Spike Lee's Inside Man, Dalton Russell (Clive Owens) repeats the enigmatic monolgue introduced at the beginning of the film.