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Commentaries on this Media!

Illustrating Media History: Problems and Solutions

by Ethan Tussey

by Michael Z. Newman for IN MEDIA RES

I made this video to talk about illustrating historical media studies, and the challenges of both color reproduction, which is expensive, and copyright law, which is applied unevenly in different kinds publication. Images like magazine covers are not just illustrations of media history to add visual interest. They are sources, and to function as sources historians need to be able to quote from them. But to quote is to reproduce, and traditional publishing throws up roadblocks. One solution -- not the only one, but still a solution -- is to build robust online communities to share images of interest to media historians. (Not sure if I need to include a warning, but might as well: the video contains a Playboy cartoon image of nude women in a sexual situation.)

Links to sources mentioned in the video:

Video Revolutions: On the History of a Medium

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Fair Use resources:

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Fair Use Policies

International Communication Association Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Scholarly Research in Communication

Patricia Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi, Reclaiming Fair Use


The Past and Media History

A video essay by Michael Newman

from Illustrating Media History: Problems and Solutions (2015)
Creator: Michael Newman
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by Ethan Tussey