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The Bitch List Project

by Ethan Tussey

by Thuc Nguyen for IN MEDIA RES

The Bitch Pack is a collective of creatives and film & media students (current + past), men and women who believe that there should be more screenplays produced into films (reel life) that reflect how women talk, in real life. We started a media literacy campaign called The Bitch List, aka The Bechdel List.

The Bechdel Test states that a film has to have at least two [named] women in it, who talk to each other, about something besides a man.   

Our goal is to find scripted material with:


that passes the Bechdel Test for more than one page. Our first Bitch List of writer submitted Bechdel Test passing screenlays (un-produced) can be found on our website.

We’re in contact with The Blood List, The Black List and The Hit List and are inspired by their work to feature quality writing and content in the entertainment areas in which they concentrate. We focus on Bechdel Test passing screenplays and dialogue between women.

Since film is the world’s largest medium, we know film can change society’s perceptions and people’s lives. There’s a lot of discourse after films are released. We seek to go to the source of why so few film projects show women how we are and not from a “male gaze” or how we’re currently dominantly portrayed. We’re going upstream to the screenplay. First the writer is in full control of all the decisions in the original draft, then execs and producers and directors are capable of preserving progressive scenes to make positive change.

The Bitch List: Does Your Screenplay Have What It Takes?

Remix video made by The Bitch Pack

from The Bitch List: Does Your Screenplay Have What It Takes? (2012)
Creator: The Bitch List
Distributor: YouTube
Posted by Ethan Tussey