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Letting Go of Reality

by Ethan Tussey

by David Clayman for IN MEDIA RES

Growing up with video games there have been countless moments when an onlooker has remarked over my shoulder “this doesn’t make any sense.” They have of course, always been right. From the earliest incarnations video games have explored the surreal and the fantastic. It may have been due to technical constraints but the first games deconstructed reality, built it anew, and rarely made any sense. The American mainstream’s introduction to video games wasn’t through a baseball simulator or digital poker, but rather an Italian plumber’s strange journey through a mushroom kingdom, impeded by koopas, goombas and a looming countdown to his death.

As more people play games these dreamscapes have become a shared experience, and the wild fantasy world of gaming has bled over into other forms of entertainment. Take for example Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which spews gamer “in” jokes and employs a bit-art style for gags. The summer blockbuster Inception, structured itself around a quest through increasingly difficult levels complete with a timer and bottomless pits. Both films are based on self-contained versions of reality and follow classic game themes.

The trailer for Sucker Punch embodies this meshing of video games with other forms of entertainment. There is a quest to collect items, a series of violent confrontations and a whole gaggle of princesses that need saving. It seems impossible that the variety of settings shown in the trailer could be logically tied together in the span of a single movie and there’s no promise that they will be. Films like this take an important step in tossing aside a grounded setting for pure visual entertainment, something video games have been doing for decades.

When a gamer’s mentality bleeds over into other mediums it can result in visual chaos, thematic nonsense, and some frustratingly convoluted plot lines. But games have also shown us that digital art can free us from the traditional boundaries of expression. Sometimes, eschewing a bland and ordered reality is the best way to resonate with an audience.

Sucker Punch Trailer

Sucker Punch Trailer

from Sucker Punch (2011)
Creator: Zack Snyder
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Posted by Ethan Tussey